History of the Corvette Logo

Corvette Interior

The Chevy Corvette has remained one of the most iconic American performance models on the Pace streets for decades. First rolling off the production line in the early 1950s, the C1 Corvette ushered in a new era of automotive excellence. As the years have passed, the Corvette has seen exciting upgrades and innovations. Even the Corvette logo has changed throughout time. However, the dual-crossed flags of the Corvette logo have remained consistent, donning this vehicle from the very beginning. Let’s dig a little deeper into the Corvette symbol meaning and more below!

Corvette Symbol Meaning

When the original emblem designers were searching for sources of inspiration for what would become the iconic Corvette emblem, they naturally looked to the founder of Chevy. They dug into the family of Louis Chevrolet and turned to the French roots of his family name. This is where the exemplary fleur-de-lis (flower of the lily) emblem appeared.

This French symbol indicates peace and purity and has accompanied the Chevy bowtie opposite of the checkered race flag since the C1. The Corvette symbol meaning embraces the race-track inspired specs of this model, the family history of the founder, and the emblem of this iconic brand that is known the world over.

Corvette Logo Closeup

Evolution of the Corvette Symbol

Now that we know a bit more about the Corvette symbol meaning, let’s take a look at how the emblem has gained its current form. From its inception, the Corvette symbol has featured two crossing staffs with waving flags on each end. Originally, the Corvette logo was designed by Robert Bartholomew to include a checkered racing flag on one side and an American flag on the other. However, due to restrictions on usage of the American flag on commercial products, Chevy scrapped the design in favor of one that featured the Chevy bowtie emblem and the fleur-de-lis mentioned above.

Each generation of the Chevy Corvette has been adorned with a fresh rendition of the classic logo. Despite updates, the iconic elements of the Corvette symbol remain intact to this very day. Take a look at the lifespan of each Corvette logo below:

Chevrolet Corvette logo 1953-1963
Corvette Logo 1963-1967



Corvette Logo 1984-1996
Corvette Logo 1997-2004
Corvette Logo 2005-2013


Corvette Logo 2014-2018
Corvette Logo 2019-present

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