The Corvette Is Officially Going Electric

November 17th, 2022 by

The rapid emergence of electric cars has caught the attention of the global sports-car industry. Soon, the Chevrolet Corvette will join the ranks of electric vehicles, with hybrid and fully electric models hitting the showroom floor soon. Chevy is being very secretive about details, but we will divulge all that we know so far.

Eco-Friendly Luxury

General Motors (GM) shocked the auto industry by announcing that it would stop selling all its gas and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035. In a statement, GM’s CEO Mary Barra said the car manufacturer was joining other companies and governments to establish a safer, greener, and better world. She noted that the company’s move would help improve the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This move is part of the company’s plan to be carbon neutral by 2040.

On Apr. 18, Mark Reuss, the president of GM, revealed that the company would be producing an all-electric version of the Chevrolet Corvette in a LinkedIn post. He didn’t provide a specific timeline for when the car would be released. However, he noted that the company would be offering a hybrid version of the car as early as next year. The hybrid and electric Corvette models will deliver both performance and power upgrades in a package that’s both eco-friendly and luxurious, a winning combination for consumers.

Chevy’s trademark of the name “E-Ray” may serve as the name of the fully electric Corvette. The Corvette is a logical choice to electrify, as many of the leading luxury carmakers have already started offering hybrid and electric models of their most prevalent vehicles. Known as America’s sports car, the Corvette has become a popular vehicle for delivering performance and technology at an affordable price point not offered by competitors.

Engine Features

Reuss’ post indicates that the Corvette EV will be based on the current model, the C8. Currently, the Corvette is only available with a base model that features a 6.2-liter V-8 engine that can produce up to 495 horsepower. A more powerful version of the car, the Z06, was unveiled last fall with a total output of 670 horsepower. The existing generation of Corvettes has an engine mounted behind the seats, known as a mid-engine, instead of in the front. It is speculated that this design could be built with a hybrid system.

The Corvette C8 was designed to incorporate a hybrid model from the beginning and will most likely be the blueprint for the electrified models. In the hybrid version, the front compartment will house a module comprising either a single or two electric motors. A small battery pack will also be located in the central tunnel of the car, running through the middle of the passenger compartment.

The C8 will need a massive redesign to accommodate the electric propulsion system. Compared to the Corvette with the internal combustion engine, the electric version will have a vastly different system. The fully electric Corvette will reportedly use GM’s Ultium battery platform. The heat generated by the Ultium system will be used to warm the cabin, provide swift charging, and increase the vehicle’s acceleration. Currently, the Ultium battery pack is utilized in larger vehicles such as the upcoming electric versions of the Silverado, Blazer, and Equinox.

Most likely, the hybrid Corvette will be equipped with a powerful three- or four-cylinder engine that could deliver around 1,000 horsepower. In addition to reducing gas consumption, hybrid electric systems can also help improve the car’s acceleration. Since electric motors have quicker response times than gas engines, hybrid systems can provide additional power to the wheels. The electrified models are expected to be both powerful and highly efficient.

Design Speculation

The Corvette EV is anticipated to incorporate the interior features of the current C8 model. Inside the C8, everything is designed to be incredibly thin and low, fashioned after a jet cockpit. For instance, the air vents are the smallest in the world, at about 19 mm compared to the standard 44 mm. The interior is composed of very little plastic; everything is either leather, suede, carbon fiber, or real aluminum. The C8’s digital speedometer features a clear-cut colorful contrast that’s responsive to the driver’s preference. The easy-to-use design and one-look functionality allows the driver to focus on the road.

The C8 also comes with a variety of driving modes that are tailored to the individual needs of the driver. One of these is the Z mode, which allows the driver to customize the vehicle’s various features. The C8’s flip-down rearview camera can be activated by simply pressing a button. It’s one of several cameras that are included in the vehicle’s infotainment system, offering a full view of the road ahead. These are just a few of the elements that may be included in the electric Corvette.

The Corvette EV’s exterior design is expected to be similar to that of previous C8 models, with a larger frame to fit the new battery system. GM released a video of the prototype, and it appears that the EV version will have wider fenders similar to those found on the Corvette Z06. In the video, both the front and rear wheels appear to have power when accelerating — a strong indicator that the vehicle will be all-wheel drive. Despite the fact that Chevy has released some basic details about their upcoming electric vehicle, they have not yet revealed what features will be available.

Stay Updated on the Electric Corvette at Allen Turner Chevrolet

Although the new EV is expected to arrive in late 2024, it’s not exactly clear what’s in store for the car. The hybrid version is anticipated to be released in 2023, so you may be able to get your hands on an electrified Corvette within the next year. The vehicles will be available for pre-order first at Chevrolet dealerships, so be sure to keep your eye out. It’s not yet clear how much the electric Corvette will cost, although it’s likely to be more expensive than gas-powered models due to its upgraded performance and technology.

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