Searching for a rugged new pickup truck to enhance your capabilities on Florida job sites? For many local contractors and weekend adventurers, the 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 perfectly fits the bill. Unsure whether the new 2020 Silverado 1500 is the right size pickup for your needs? Take a closer look at the 2020 Chevy Silverado dimensions with Allen Turner Chevrolet to help make the determination!

2020 Silverado Truck Bed Sizes

There are three Silverado truck bed sizes available across eight trim levels for 2020: Short, Standard, and Long. Each bed is 71.4 inches wide and 22.4 inches high. As you might expect, it’s their length that will differ depending on your choice:

  • Short Bed size: 69.92 inches long
  • Standard Bed size: 79.44 inches long
  • Long Bed size: 98.18 inches long

To help determine which Silverado truck bed is right for your Pensacola needs, you’ll want to think about the equipment and gear you carry on a daily basis. If you only need space for a few small tool boxes, a Short Bed will probably do. But if you carry longer items like pipes and lumber that vary in length, you may want to upgrade to a Regular or Long Bed, just to be safe.

2020 Silverado Cab Styles and Dimensions

You’ll have a choice of three cab styles for the 2020 Silverado 1500: a Crew Cab, Regular Cab, and Double Cab. Your choice of cab style will affect your seating capacity, as well as your Silverado bed size options. Here’s a detailed overview:

  • Crew Cab: Available with a Short or Standard Bed, the Crew Cab offers a six-person seating capacity and four doors.
  • Regular Cab: If you require a Long Bed, the Regular Cab will be your only cab style option. To account for the longer Silverado truck bed, you’ll only have a three-person seating capacity and two doors with this cab style.
  • Double Cab: The Double Cab is only available with a Standard Bed, and is similar to the Crew Cab in that it offers a six-person seating capacity. However, unlike the Crew Cab, you’ll only get two doors with a Double Cab.


Explore the 2020 Silverado Dimensions at Allen Turner Chevrolet

Now that you have a better idea of the 2020 Silverado dimensions, it’s time to head to Allen Turner Chevrolet near Destin for a test drive! Contact our Chevy dealership to schedule your drive today, and continue your research before visiting when you check out the Chevy Silverado towing capacity and bed size, or compare the Chevy Silverado vs. GMC Sierra, Colorado vs. Silverado or Chevy Silverado vs. Toyota Tacoma and see how easily the Silverado eclipses a top competitor. For even more space, compare the 2500 vs 3500.

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