The Most Delicious Food Trucks in Crestview, FL

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Food trucks combine great bites with a casual, fun atmosphere. Here in the Florida Panhandle, we’re big fans of both, so it’s only natural that there are some great food trucks in the Crestview area. Whether you’re interested in burgers, Vietnamese sandwiches, or bubble tea, there’s a food truck in our area that’ll hit the spot. Keep reading to find out about a few of the most delicious food trucks in Crestview, Florida.

My Ohana

US90 East - FL85 Signs in Crestview, Florida

My Ohana is a food truck serving Pan-Asian cuisine to residents of Crestview, Florida. This trailer travels around the Crestview area, sharing delicious food inspired by Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures. Most recipes have long family histories, making this food truck a unique experience for diners. Popular menu items include beef bulgogi, thin slices of beef in a savory sauce made from soy, garlic, sesame oil, and other traditional ingredients, and the Ohana Special bento box, with deep-fried karaage chicken, pork belly, and teriyaki chicken. All bento boxes come with rice and kimchi.

Along with its standard menu of bento boxes and poke bowls, My Ohana features a kid’s menu and dessert menu on request. The truck has a rotating menu of sodas and imported drinks. My Ohana won recognition as the 2021 Finest Food Truck on the Emerald Coast from Northwest Florida Daily News. If you’re interested in getting food from My Ohana, you can visit the restaurant’s social media page to find out where the truck will be parked in the upcoming weeks. As with most food trucks, My Ohana has varying hours of operation depending on its daily location.

Kay’s Kurbside Cafe

A staple of North Main Street in the heart of Crestview, Kay’s Kurbside Cafe is a picturesque yellow food truck serving hot sandwiches made fresh to order. Open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., the cafe rotates breakfast food and has a set menu of sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Popular choices include the Cajun Shrimp Poboy Sandwich, a Panhandle staple featuring deep-fried, Cajun-seasoned shrimp, lettuce, and tomato, topped with Kay’s Signature Sauce. You can also get a burger, veggie burger, chicken strips, and other convenient finger food.

You can choose a homemade side with your sandwich, like french fries, sweet potato fries, or beer-battered onion rings. Kay’s Kurbside Cafe features a kid’s menu with smaller portions of popular sandwiches and a few kid’s specialties, like grilled cheese sandwiches. As an owner-operated food truck, Kay’s Kurbside Cafe often features surprise specialty items, like shrimp tacos and the Boss Lady Bacon Cheeseburger. You might also find specialty desserts, like strawberry cheesecake jars. Kay’s Kurbside Cafe also offers catering by request, and you can fill out a form on the restaurant’s website to request a quote.

Lao-Thai Xpress

Parked on North Main Street at the Main Street Eats pavilion, Lao-Thai Xpress brings Laotian and Thai street food to Crestview’s downtown. This food truck is open for lunch and dinner most days, serving up curries, spring rolls, and other authentic Southeast Asian dishes. The truck is typically open during lunch and dinner but might be closed in the morning and the middle of the afternoon. Popular menu items include the truck’s signature Red Curry, featuring your choice of meat, plus fresh vegetables, coated in a coconut curry sauce and served over rice.

Along with hearty entrées, Lao-Thai Xpress offers sides like fried egg rolls and authentic Thai basil rolls, featuring fresh vegetables and basil leaves rolled in chewy rice paper. If you’re looking for a cool drink, the iced coffees and signature Thai tea offer a refreshing kick of caffeine to go with your curry or pho. Due to its placement at the Main Street Eats pavilion, Lao-Thai Xpress features shaded seating options for diners, but you can also grab your tea or spring rolls to go.

Aloha Banh Mi & Boba

Also parked at the Main Street Eats pavilion on North Main Street, Aloha Banh Mi & Boba serves up authentic Vietnamese sandwiches and inventive drinks. Banh mi, a soft baguette loaf filled with traditional Vietnamese and pan-Asian ingredients, was born in Vietnam during French colonialization. At Aloha Banh Mi & Boba, popular menu items include the Traditional Banh Mi, which includes ham, pork roll, pickled carrots, and daikon, or white radish. The truck also offers a Hawaiian classic, the Loco Moco, which features a hamburger patty over rice with special sauce and an over-easy egg.

Aloha Banh Mi & Boba’s other claim to fame is its boba, or bubble tea, a cool and refreshing beverage with optional tapioca pearls. Popular flavors include mango, strawberry, honeydew melon, and taro, a sweet purple root common to Southeast Asia. The teas are combined with creamy condensed milk, and you can add boba, gummy balls made of tapioca starch, to your drink if you like. Aloha Banh Mi & Boba sometimes has specialty boba drinks, like coconut milk tea and rainbow boba.

Brown Bagger Pensacola

Pensacola is one of the most popular beaches for Crestview residents since it’s less than an hour away and absolutely beautiful. Next time you take a trip to hit the waves and work on your tan, find out if the Brown Bagger truck is in your area, and grab some made-to-order gourmet burgers and finger food. Popular items include the Double Bacon Cheeseburger, featuring two Wagyu beef patties, thick-cut bacon, and your choice of cheese on a potato-bread bun, and the Fresh Fried Chicken Tendies, which come in adult and child sizes.

Along with the traditional french fries, the Brown Bagger food truck offers some signature sides, like roasted Brussels sprouts and Asian slaw. You can also add parmesan and truffle oil to give your fries a bit of gourmet luxury. The Brown Bagger truck is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day except Sunday and is usually parked in downtown Pensacola.

There you have it — five great food trucks within driving distance of Crestview. Did we miss your favorite spot for a quick bite? Let us know. Here at Allen Turner Chevrolet, we believe every Crestview resident deserves the car of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for a sporty sedan for running errands and stopping by the Main Street Eats pavilion or a comfortable crossover for a family trip to Pensacola, we’ve got the inventory of new Chevrolets and quality pre-owned vehicles to meet your needs.

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