The Best Pet Groomers in Destin, FL

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Pets need special care when it comes to their fur, nails, and teeth. This means you need to find the right groomer to care for your pet — someone who can form a friendly relationship with them. Luckily, there are several fantastic groomers in and around Destin, Florida. You can feel comfortable and relaxed knowing your pet is in good hands when you bring them to one of the groomers on our list. These are the best pet groomers in Destin.

Barks & Bubbles

A small dog with a pink towel on its head being groomed.

Location: 981 Airport Road, Destin.

Phone number: 850-716-5543.

At Barks & Bubbles, you can have your dog or cat groomed to perfection. With a variety of services on offer, you can count on Barks & Bubbles to take care of all your pet grooming needs. Here, all grooms include:

  • Nail trimming.
  • Ear cleaning.
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo.
  • Anal gland expression.

The bath and brush selection also includes a thorough brushing for your pet, while the face, feet, and sanitary trim option lets the groomer trim around your pet’s face, feet, and sanitary areas. If your pet needs a full haircut, bring them to Barks & Bubbles. They do it all. Additional grooming services you may want to pamper your pet with are:

  • Boujee Spa Pet Package.
  • Furminator.
  • Nail trim only.
  • Nail trim and buffing.

Barks & Bubbles also offers doggy daycare and boarding services. You can leave your pet in their care worry-free. Whether you need a place for your dog to socialize while you’re at work today or you need to leave your pooch for a few days while you’re out of town, the staff here will treat your pet like family.


Location: 11275 Emerald Coast Pkwy W., Suite 5, Miramar Beach.

Phone number: 850-290-2252.

Does your pup need a bath or a haircut? Then bring them to SoPaw. When they bathe your pet, they use an odor-eliminating shampoo that keeps your dog smelling fresh and clean longer. They’ll also blow dry and brush your pet’s fur to keep it soft and silky. Additionally, your dog will get its ears cleaned and its nails trimmed, ensuring it comes out looking like royalty. If you add the tidy-up, the groomer will also trim around your pet’s paw pads, face, and sanitary areas. The full groom includes everything else listed here, plus a full haircut.

A few of the extras they provide for your pet are:

  • Teeth brushing.
  • Deshedding.
  • Lemon zest facials.
  • Dematting.
  • Shave-downs.
  • Flea or medicated shampoo.

Posh Pups

Location: 557 Mack Bayou Drive, Santa Rosa Beach.

Phone number: 850-960-7493.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome at Posh Pups, where you’ll find highly skilled groomers with lots of experience in their specialty. They offer all the standard services, such as:

  • Baths.
  • Haircuts.
  • Sanitary trims.
  • Nail trims.

You can also ask about specialty shampoos, such as:

  • Deshedding.
  • Oatmeal medicated.
  • Flea and tick.
  • Whitening.

Those with busy schedules will appreciate the pickup and drop-off service provided. Of course, it depends on your location, whether this service is available and what the rate will be, but it can make getting your pet groomed a breeze. To make your pup look extra cute, you can purchase a bandana, bow, or feather to add to its new look.

What’s Up Dog

Location: 9970 U.S. 98, Miramar Beach.

Phone number: 850-420-2894.

What’s Up Dog is a fun place to take your pooch for all its grooming needs. Their menu of grooming options and easy-to-use online appointment scheduling form make it simple to get your dog to the groomers and keep them looking their best. Some of the services that are consistent across all options are:

  • Deep cleansing bath.
  • Coat conditioner.
  • Blow dry.
  • Brush.
  • Ear cleaning with scented cleaner.
  • Nail trim.

Other grooming options include additional services, such as:

  • Sanitary trim.
  • Ears plucked.
  • Blueberry facial.
  • Cut and style.
  • Feet trim.

Add-ons you should consider if you really want to make your dog shine are:

  • Natural flea bath.
  • Tear stain treatment.
  • Deshedding treatment.
  • Coat whitening.

Your pet will love the special treatment they receive from the exceptional groomers at What’s Up Dog, who work hard to make your pet look and feel good.

KP Mutts & Cuts

Location: 1021 Beal Pkwy, Fort Walton Beach.

Phone number: Not listed (but here’s their email: [email protected]).

Although the services provided at KP Mutts & Cuts are simple, they won’t disappoint. This grooming service can accommodate pets large and small, and they’ll work with your pet regardless of its behavior or breed. All pets feel special when they leave KP Mutts & Cuts. Their deshedding service ensures your pet stops leaving hair where you don’t want it. You can get your pet a full haircut or just basic grooming service extras, such as:

  • Dematting.
  • Medicated shampoo.
  • Flea and tick shampoo.
  • Teeth brushing.
  • Whitening shampoo.
  • Conditioning.

Prices here will vary based on your dog’s size and specific needs, so contact them to find out when they can schedule your appointment and how much it will cost.


Location: 34940 Emerald Coast Pkwy, Destin.

Phone number: 850-650-3145.

If you’re going to PetSmart for your other pet needs, such as food or toys, then consider also having your pet groomed while you’re there. With grooming services for cats and dogs, they can help you out no matter your pet preference. The groomers at PetSmart are ready to serve. They can care for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes. They’ll give your pet a bath, a haircut, or trim its nails. Tell them what you need, and you and your pet will leave happy.

If you’ve been looking for the best pet groomer in Destin, check out one of the places on this list. They offer high-quality services that are sure to impress. To get your pup to the groomers in comfort, stop in at Allen Turner Chevrolet and see all the great vehicles we have available. Get an SUV so your pet has a safe place to ride, or get a truck that can fit the whole pack if you have multiple pets.


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