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Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular around the United States. Themed rooms contain different clues pertaining to a particular storyline. Groups of friends, family, or co-workers get together to see if they can solve the puzzles and escape the room before time runs out. The rooms provide a fun, immersive experience requiring teamwork, logic, and creative thinking. Best of all, you don’t need special knowledge or experience to enjoy this unique social activity. Here are some of the best escape rooms around Destin, Florida.

Mr. E’s Escape Rooms

You’ll find Mr. E’s Escape Rooms just 20 minutes west of Destin in Fort Walton Beach. The high-tech interactive rooms provide digitized support for guests needing additional clues or assistance. They include:


Sneak aboard Blackbeard’s Ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, to steal Blackbeard’s treasure — just hurry to escape before the heinous pirate discovers your presence. You can book 60- or 90-minute sessions, making this an excellent option for families with children who want extra guidance during their challenge.

Wild West Run Away

Wild West Run Away puts your team on a train you must save from derailing. Advanced enthusiasts will find this expert-rated room challenging, so you’ll need all your sleuthing skills to beat the clock and escape in time. You’ll have to work fast because you only have an hour to save the train.

Price: Pirate is $28 per person, and Wild West Run Away is $34 per person.

Location: 9 Walter Martin Road N.E., Fort Walton Beach

Gulf Coast Escape Room

Gulf Coast Escape Room has a friendly, helpful staff, making it a great choice for your first escape room experience. The Destin location has several exciting themed challenges available:

Alice and the White Rabbit

After following a little girl chasing a rabbit, your team finds themselves in Wonderland. You’ll have 60 minutes to free Alice from the Queen of Hearts and escape safely. Bibliophiles will love this Alice in Wonderland-themed room.

Bates Motel

If you’re a fan of horror flicks or love a good scare, you’ll enjoy the Bates Motel escape room. You only have 30 minutes to escape before Norman finds you, so you’ll have to work fast to solve the riddles and get out in time.

Zombie Autopsy

A zombie plague has taken over the world, and your team gets locked in a zombie autopsy room. You must examine the remaining zombie parts to determine what happened and how to stop the monsters. You only have 60 minutes until they return, so your team must work fast to survive.

You can also visit the Voodoo Cabin and The Doll Room 2 at this location.

Price: $25 to $35 per person, depending on room

Location: 34 Harbor Blvd., Suite 102, Destin

Escape Zone 60

Escape Zone 60 has six locations on the Gulf Coast. The Destin, Florida, location offers two escape rooms:

The Experiment

Your team is in a lab with just 60 minutes to complete an experiment. You’ll need to use scientific thinking to quickly find and analyze the clues to finish the tests and save yourselves before it’s too late.

Crime Scene: The Cabin

As part of a crime scene investigation team, you’re exploring a remote cabin in the woods where you know a criminal is hiding out. Can you determine his vile plan and stop him before he returns to the cabin? Your team must act fast because he (or she) will be back in just 60 minutes.

Price: $28 per person

Location: 415 Mountain Drive, Suite 7, Destin

Escapology Destin

Escapology Destin offers six 60-minute escape rooms of varying difficulty. They include:

Lost City

Explore an abandoned temple in the Lost City to find the world’s rarest treasure. Race against time to find the archeologist’s journal and solve the riddle before the angry spirits seal your team in the temple forever.

Mansion Murder

When you find yourself framed for murder in your grandfather’s mansion deep in the Scottish Highlands, you know you only have an hour to prove your innocence before the police arrive and arrest you. Gather the evidence proving your innocence before they come to win not only your freedom but also the family fortune.

In addition to these, you can try the TH3 COD3, Cuban Crisis, or Under Pressure rooms. Murder on the Orient Express is the most challenging and is ideal for experienced players.

Price: $39.99 per person Monday through Thursday and $44.99 Friday through Sunday.

Location: 9375 US Highway 98 W., Miramar Beach

Cloak and Dagger Escape Rooms

Cloak and Dagger Escape Rooms in Baytowne feature these three 30-minute escape rooms:

The Swindlers Escape

The Swindlers Escape is a train-themed room. Your team has 30 minutes to find the swindler and reclaim the townspeople’s savings.

The Hillbilly Still

Get Granny Millie’s still running again before the city slicker owner returns and wreaks his anger on the town. Your team must find the hidden ingredients and start producing moonshine. Work fast, and don’t let the team sample the goods.

Knight’s Quest

Have you ever wanted to be a medieval knight? Here’s your chance. The evil wizard Belgrath has the kingdom in havoc, and you must steal his spell book to save the kingdom from being overthrown by the wizard.

Price: $24.99 per person

Location: 145 Tupelo Courtyard, Miramar Beach

Escape Room Tips

Here are some helpful tips for those new to escape rooms:

  • Check the location’s website for ages and other restrictions, which vary between businesses.
  • Each room has a time limit, often 30 to 90 minutes. If groups aren’t booked immediately after, your team can usually purchase more time to finish solving the mystery.
  • Because time slots depend on how long the mystery takes to solve, your group must arrive on time for your booking. Some venues don’t allow late entry.
  • Each venue supervises your group at all times. If anyone needs> to leave the room, the staff can release them immediately.

Our staff at Allen Turner Chevrolet hopes this list helps you find a new adventure. If you try any of these Destin escape rooms, we want to hear about it. Share your experience with our team, and tell us what you enjoyed most.

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