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While many people glorify the act of purchasing a new car, buying a used vehicle can be just as fulfilling. Used car shopping gives you access to tons of different models that suit your unique preferences. It also results in lower monthly payments and allows you to avoid depreciation costs, meaning you can drive the car of your dreams without breaking the bank.

Here at Allen Turner Chevrolet in Crestview, FL, we’re here to help you find the perfect pre-owned car. Thanks to our dealership’s vast selection, affordable prices, and accessible financing, you’ll be driving off the lot in no time. Read more about used car shopping with us below or contact us today for expert advice.

Explore Our Vast Selection

An often overlooked benefit of buying used is the vast selection available. In some ways, our pre-owned inventory is more diverse than our new inventory. You’ll find models from various years and in different trims and colors, allowing you to find the perfect vehicle that suits your preferences. For instance, an older vehicle might have a unique feature that’s no longer available on the latest models. You might even find a used car with accessories that would be too expensive to add on to a new car.

Additionally, you’ll be glad to hear that our used inventory carries consumer-favorite Chevrolet models. We’ve got you covered whether you need a truck for work, an SUV for your family, or a reliable car to get to and from Destin or Fort Walton Beach. If you’re not sure what vehicle is right for your lifestyle, feel free to ask a team member at Allen Turner Chevrolet. We’re eager to sit down with you and provide recommendations based on your preferences for engine performance, fuel economy, seating configurations, cargo space, and more.

Shop Certified Pre-Owned

While our Certified Pre-owned program gives peace of mind to everyone, it’s especially comforting to those who are most wary about buying used. This program carefully selects gently used vehicles in great condition to ensure they’re reliable for their next owners. Every Certified Pre-owned Chevrolet has a clean title, is less than 6 years old, and has less than 75,000 miles on its odometer. Practically brand-new vehicles with limited mileage allow you to go the distance while investing in minimal maintenance services and repairs.

Additionally, the vehicles go through a 172-point inspection in which we thoroughly check everything from the A/C unit to the undercarriage. We also perform all safety recalls so you can feel confident on the road. Yet another benefit of our Certified Pre-owned program is the availability of warranties. Buyers get access to an extended powertrain limited warranty that’s valid for the first six years of ownership or for 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. We also provide drivers with a 12-month/12,000-mile extended bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.

Take Advantage of Used Car Specials

While our Certified Pre-owned vehicles are as affordable as they get, you might go for our used car specials if you want something even cheaper. Many of these vehicles are available for under $10,000 and can be reliable options for getting around town.

Our used vehicle specials are particularly popular among seniors and parents looking for their teenager’s first car, but anyone can benefit from the various options and low prices. The diverse selection means you can find a car, truck, or SUV with the features that suit your preferences. While these under-$10,000 vehicles are a little older and come with higher mileages, the proper maintenance can help them last for several years.

Secure Low Monthly Payments

One of the most obvious benefits of buying used is the lower monthly payments. Used cars are almost always cheaper than new ones, meaning drivers pay less per month and can more easily cover gas and other crucial expenses. Additionally, the lower value of a used car helps you pay off your loan quicker. Having 100% ownership of your car and driving it debt-free are some of the most rewarding aspects of buying used.

Avoid Depreciation Costs

Like other vehicles, Chevrolets lose value over time. The rate of depreciation is most extreme within a car’s first few years and tends to slow down around the five-year mark. Depreciation can be frustrating when you buy a new car, as the car is worth significantly less than what you originally paid for it after only a few years. Fortunately, you can avoid excessive depreciation costs by buying used. While a used car still loses value, you’ll avoid the drastic depreciation rates previous drivers experienced during the first few years of ownership.

Save Big in Other Ways

Aside from lower monthly payments and reduced depreciation costs, buying used helps you save big in other ways. For instance, drivers of used vehicles often enjoy lower monthly insurance premiums. The lower value of the car means providers are more likely to offer lower rates, as the car is less expensive to repair if it were to be in an accident. Additionally, used cars allow drivers to save on new and annual registration fees. States like Texas usually charge lower fees if the car is older and worth less than a newer model.

Apply for Financing

While our great deals make it easy to afford a used car, our finance center makes it even easier. The financial experts at Allen Turner Chevrolet help those with poor credit scores qualify for loans with reasonable interest rates and payment terms. If you have good credit, we’ll be sure to help you take full advantage of it. Our finance center helps those from Crestview to to Pensacola and is also here to serve those looking to swap out their current vehicle for another used option. We offer fair market value for your vehicle to make your next car as affordable as possible.

After years of seeing how satisfied our customers are with our used vehicles, we can say we’re big advocates for shopping for a pre-owned car. Our vast selection makes it easy to find the reliable car you want at super low prices. If you’re ready to start your buying journey, contact a representative today.

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