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Rumors have been flowing that the new Corvette will be a mid-engine Corvette. This new mid-engine Corvette, otherwise known as the C8 Corvette, uses mid-engine technology to give this vehicle faster power and improved handling on the road. Unlike recent performance models, a mid-engine puts the engine’s center of gravity in front of the rear axle. In traditional models, the engine’s center of gravity is located behind the rear axle. So what does a mid-engine car mean?

Mid-Engine Corvette Explained

When a vehicle is equipped with a mid-engine, that unique placement of the engine will do a lot more for the vehicle and the way it handles.

  • Car is perfectly balanced for better handling
  • Better engine sounds because it’s placed right behind the driver’s seat
  • Only available on two-seat vehicles
  • Vehicle offers better traction from all four wheels
  • Provides a more comfortable and confident driving experience

Upcoming C8 Corvette

While C8 Corvette pictures are floating around, there is much speculation to what this vehicle will bring in terms of performance and technology. The vehicle is set to debut at the Detroit auto show in 2019, and chances are it will be available to purchase in 2020. While the manufacturer is still testing and making tweaks to the new performance vehicle, here’s what we can expect to find when it hits the road.

  • 6.2L DOHC V8 with flat-pane crankshaft capable of 600 hp and 458 lb-ft of torque
  • 5.5L V8 turbocharged engine will generate more than 800 hp
  • 4.8L twin turbo V8 with 200 hp electric motor
  • Dual-mode exhaust system and vents below the taillights to account for engine heat
  • Power-operated spoiler
  • Front axle lift system

While accurate details will not be available until this vehicle finally hits the streets, these speculations are coming from industry experts and will give you an idea of what to expect from this new mid-engine Corvette.

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